• Dashboard: Enhanced dashboard, designed to enhance your experience and provide more detailed insights into your recent executions.
    • New Design: The Dashboard is now divided into three sections for easier navigation: running, recently completed, and scheduled executions.
    • Status Chips: Filter your tasks effortlessly by their statuses using our new status chips.
    • Enhanced Information: Updated timestamps for executions’ start and finish time.


  • New Captcha Solver Integration: Integration of a new Captcha solver provider, “Capsolver.” This new addition offers similar functionality to our existing providers but at a more cost-effective rate, enhancing both efficiency and affordability.
  • Enhanced System Reliability: Improvements to enhance the reliability of our system by horizontally scaling certain features. These updates help manage core services more efficiently, addressing potential bottlenecks and ensuring smoother operations.
  • Chromium: Regularly updated robots with the latest Chrome version upon each new release.

More information on latest releases can be found in our documentation page under Release Notes in the Dexi knowledge base here. 

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