Source, Extract & Automate

With our market leading Extractor robots you can extract data from any website. The Extractor supports a full browser environment allowing you to automate and extract data from any website that you can visit in a normal modern browser. Create robot - free Request a robot build

Create data flows with ease

Collect the data you need from websites and APIs in our Pipes robot - transform it to your needs and combine it into a dataset. Pipes is powered by a full-blown ETL and data transformation engine allowing you to apply just about any post-processing on the data that you need. Create robot - free Request a robot build

Transform, refine and integrate

Extend what you can do with dexi using our growing list of addons. Through addons you get more features available in the Extractor and Pipes - and can integrate to a growing list of data stores and endpoints like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Amazon S3 and more. Request a robot build

Main features



We provide several integrations out of the box and are adding more all the time. Connecting your data to where you need it as automated as possible is absolutely essential for the best data intelligence experience.


Dexi has the capacity so you don't need to - and you can easily scale your setup by simply adding more workers to your account.


Using our data processing features you can transform, manipulate, aggregate and combine data - our aim is to provide you with a polished ready-to-use data stream for whatever purpose.
Supports any website

Supports any website

We provide a full browser environment which means we can automate and extract data from any website.


When robots fail we provide the tools you need to quickly asses why and fix the issue to allow the robot to continue.


Using our data sets you can automatically de-duplicate your data before sending it to your own systems.

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