• Vision

    Step 1

    Firstly, we listen to your needs during an initial ‘Discovery Workshop’ with your relevant stakeholders. During the session, experts from Dexi’s sales and engineering teams will also outline the capabilities and opportunities offered by our solution and in collaboration begin to identify where they could be applied.

  • Brief

    Step 2

    Once we have fully captured your requirements based on the initial Workshop and further collaboration, a briefing document describing the requirement is created and shared.

  • Solution

    Step 3

    Based on the brief, we then fully evaluate requests with its engineers and delivery team to build a quote that outlines the required solution including; resources, licencing and ongoing support needed as well as cost options.

  • Proof of Concept

    Step 4

    Where appropriate, we will set up an initial ‘Proof of Concept’ validation project. This ensures data output, processes and any integrations can be achieved as anticipated ahead of full implementation.

  • Implementation

    Step 5

    The implementation stage is run and managed by our dedicated delivery team. A group of experts and professionals that include Technical Engineers, Technical support, Specialists, Delivery Managers as well as Account Managers who will coordinate tasks towards a successful, working solution.