Getting started


Fast track building and executing your first robots by using these video tutorials and useful links to access our introductory materials. 


Still need help? Chat with one of our experts on Live Chat or Email is an advanced, data automation and extraction software as a service that includes an easy to use visual editor for efficiently building and maintaining web scraping robots.


Video Tutorials:

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  Webinar Series 'How to set up your first robot'   How to scrape ANY product information from a webshop - 1/3

Introducing our advanced features


For advanced automation, sourcing and data refinement use these links to learn about’s advanced features and capabilities including; Dexi PIPES, API access, data transformations, integrations, processing, monitoring and alerts.

Video Tutorials:
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  Webinar Series "How to use PIPES"

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Useful links:

•  What should I know about PIPES | PDF

•  How can I create a PIPES project | PDF

•  How should I configure API Access | PDF

•  How do I use data sets for deduplication/record linkage  | PDF  



Having trouble building or executing your robot?

Try these helpful links or visit our support page.

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Case studies

Over a million robots are being run every day for over 50,000 global clients to harvest and process critical data that keeps them one-step ahead. Our clients include major banks, retail brands, FMCG businesses, government departments and other leading firms. Here are some examples of how they are being used.





•  See Case Studies 











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