The RAIN innovation model has been developed over the past three years by analysing the process of more than 40.000 projects, success rates and then refined by the Dexi Innovation Team lead by Co-Founder Jacob Laurvigen.

Data and intelligent innovation is very rarely something that can be defined as a closed process. When you start applying automated intelligence based on external data resources it starts as a simple process, building up trust and adding layers. The best way to describe this is if you imagine that you have a completely clean brain of a new born. Firstly you need to give the brain the tools to process information.

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Next you ad simple tasks to ensure that it works probably and then you can start adding layers, automation and intelligence. Once defined and fully incorporated, then you can speed up the process. But it goes without saying that once you have a fully functional process defined, why would you want to stop? Intelligent Data Automation is the 4th stage of the business evolution and as you wouldn’t want to stop using electricity or motorised transport, you will never stop using data and with the RAIN model you will have a proven model for implementation and management.