Kubernetes at dexi-io

This blog post is the first in a series of articles describing our 6+ month journey towards running the dexi.io platform on a microservice architecture deployed on the container orchestration software Kubernetes.
The blog post is aimed at a technical audience, e.g. developers, devops, data scientists/analysts or others interested in such technical topics.
By Morten Garbøl Franck on March 7th, 2018
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Release highlights August 16th 2017

Triggers: Listen for events, carry out actions

We are proud to announce that our triggers tool is now available for use. With triggers, you are now able to very easily carry out different types of actions whenever something happens in your dexi.io account.
Read more about triggers by clicking here.

Flexibility and control

Triggers add incredible flexibility,

By Andrés Angulo on August 15th, 2017
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Release highlights January 27th 2017

Pipes Debugging

Now you can debug your pipe executions both live - and after they've stopped. This makes pipes many times easier to debug when something fails and gives deep insight into how your pipes behave - and how far they are in processing.
Read more about pipes debugging by clicking here
By Henrik Hofmeister on February 1st, 2017
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Release highlights October 13th 2016

Today's release is the biggest in the history of dexi.io! It includes new features we are really proud to announce - the first three in particular!

Robot Builder Assistant

The new robot builder assistant will guide you in every step of building your web scraping robot so help is right around the corner when you need it.
For each available step type, you now get
By Henrik Hofmeister on October 13th, 2016
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