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Speedier, intelligent data harvesting marks new era


Now that web data extraction is pervasive, what happens next in the game of intelligence one-upmanship?

There’s web scraping and then there’s web scraping. By all accounts this technology has been around for a while leading to the rise of established web data extraction providers (including dexi.io), that help analysts and researchers rapidly yield valuable insights from the growing mountain of publicly available data (90% of the data that exits was created in the last 2 years!) and save on costly manual research processes.

Now that the cat’s well and truly out of the bag and using data extraction robots to harvest data is no longer something new (Although it’s a fact that businesses are still lagging behind in data automation), the new opportunity for businesses is combining increasingly sophisticated ‘bot’ capabilities with automation, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve data intelligence outcomes still further. Whilst Increasingly companies are already looking at ways to take advantage of these powerful technologies in their own right, the potential of being able to use them together on a single platform will inevitably advance initial adopters to become the first Data Super Powers - Distilling even more valuable intel at speed and from places they can only currently dream of - Thus in the real world, improving their market insights and predictions beyond those of their competitors.

Also supporting this drive to become data led is the current ascension of the Chief Data officer, employed to drive adoption of these technologies as part of an overall information and analytics strategy and governed at the highest echelons of business.


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In response, Dexi is increasing working together collectively with other cutting-edge technologies that when combined with our technology allow deeper more insightful data interrogation.  These include technologies such as Monkey Learn who help classify and extract unstructured data enabling organisations to build another layer of previously unreachable insight. IBM Watson is another promising technology capable of processing research or other requests posed in natural language, again offering the prospect of revealing previously hidden data insights.


A New data platform

Collaboration amongst these collective, rising technology stars is one thing, but providing easy access to those technologies embedded in the same platform is what customers really want; And that’s why Dexi has been laying the ground work to reach this goal by recently upgrading its platform (incorporating Kubernetes specifically designed for cloud apps), to accommodate a new generation data intelligence tool that will boost and advance future customer projects  -  providing access not only to data extraction, but also wider technology services needed to succeed, as well as the necessary data infrastructure, analysis and visualization tools customers already know and love.

As well as focusing on upping the game in terms of data extraction capability through the use of combined technologies, Dexi is also growing a strong community of implementation partners to leverage specific implementation or data workflow skills or address requirements faced in specific vertical markets or Geo’s. (currently Dexi works with Accenture, Hitachi and GFT in the finance sector). This means a growing overall capability to handle complex data harvesting and processing projects or geographic presence to manage its growing global customer base.

More news on our future data platform and partnerships to come but the future is surely shaping up to be an exciting one!

Chris Sayer, dexi.io





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