Major credit provider

Major credit provider

Dexi’s critical-thinking capabilities, methodologies and software are being employed to improve repetitive, low added-value tasks within the back office, modernising accounting operations with intelligent automation. The new approach significantly reduces thousands of manually reconciled pre-matched borrowing and lending decisions, leading to 80% of the manual effort being eliminated.
Large national charitable organization

National charity

This large Canadian charity approached Dexi in order to collect and centralise data on regional cancer initiatives and rulings - exposing the different regions of Canada to each other’s initiatives, as well as providing an overview of initiatives on a national level. Dexi partnered with CPHCloud to deliver an end-to-end solution combining Dexi’s intelligent data harvesting and automation software with IBM Watson.
Global leader in Food processing

Food producer

This multi-billion dollar, historic and global food producer effectively activated the value of their branded products and enabled the direct value from strategic marketing by linking all brand pages to the national retailers who offers the specific product online. They are using Dexi to connect and orchestrate each product to the relevant product offering with online retailers.
‘Big 4’ Management Consultancy

‘Big 4’ Management Consultancy

This global management and professional services company has built and successfully marketed an end-to-end FMCG solution with their own algorithms built into the Dexi Master Robot (PIPES). It’s based on their industry specific best practise, data integration and visualisation as a service and the resulting solution produces a live visualised report that will give enterprise FMCGs a complex and real-time market insight.
Competition Authorities

Competition Authorities

Several European authorities are using Dexi robots and algorithms to scan and monitor targeted industries supporting case officers in their investigations.

Government department

A major government department concerned with official statistics selected Dexi to support its $20m Digital Strategy in a bid to become a global leader in statistics. The aim is to automate, accelerate and broaden data collection and processing on a large scale to save time and money and reduce error rates.

Global Banking Cases 

Case 1

One of the world’s largest banks with over $1.5 Trillion in assets enlists the ability to handle equity underwriting, leveraged buyouts and deals within the financial services as the key growth challenge. Dexi empowers non-intrusive integration with the automation of multiple BFSI’s connectivity and conventional "Sellside," deal information. Combatting and increasing productivity in M&A activity for the institution.

Case 2

This American multinational investment bank and financial services player uses Dexi on their trading floor to replace manual research that previously took up half their actual trading resources. Research is done to support their unique trading strategy and typically one trader would look at a maximum of 10-15 different sources - However using Dexi they now seek not only to automate and free up time spent on current research, but also to start adding new data sources to support and refining their future trading strategy. 

Case 3

A leading Financial institution with interest and operations across the globe implemented Salesforce CRM to enable a more dynamic and effective revenue orientated account management strategy. To utilise the full value of the transition, they approached Dexi to enable enrichment and supportive data insight. Dexi is currently developing an initial project supported by Salesforce and Accenture to create a best practise approach to be included into a joint offering.

Case 4

One of the UK’s largest banking and insurance groups has enlisted Dexi’s technology to automate, centralise and process key risk factors within the banks fraud department. Enhancing AML decision-making and risk factors by external outputs beyond the banks current KYC remit. The overall deployment is designed to complement ERP and increase operational efficiency, visibility and end-to-end compliance.

Case 5

A US financial institution offering affordable access to healthcare for millions of American citizens is using Dexi to enable the creation of a new centralised revenue stream with real-time consumer insurance valuations. Dexi is providing rapid and wide-ranging data yielding better company insights, HNW accuracy and integrity to their business model.

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